Experienced Upholsterers

Chairs, sofas, headboards and more. Traditional upholstery conducted by experienced craftsman who are accustomed  to using high quality fabric when reupholstering your furniture.

Traditional Methods

Using traditional techniques we can repair your furnitures framework. Making it strong, long lasting and suitable for reupholstery.

Dining Chairs In Shop Window

What We Do Best


We are best known for our work on fully reupholstering furniture. This means stripping away all fabric and any other material on the furniture.


Here we will remove the the top cover and replace with the new chosen fabric. This method is used when the furniture is in good condition and does not need repairing or reupholstering.


Many pieces of furniture that have passed through our workshop have needed repairing. Whether it be down to ageing or simply well used, our craftsman will work their magic to ensure your well-loved furniture is fully repaired.