Traditional English Upholsterery

Here at Buxted Upholstery we specialise in the craftsmanship of traditional upholstery. Our services range from reupholstery, woodwork repair and exclusive furniture design. We cover a wide range furniture, from sofas to armchairs and even dining chairs. We accomplish this by using century old methods that work to ensure your furniture is restored to high standards.

When restoring your furniture our upholsterers take the utmost care when stripping away all the old fabric and material until we are left with the frame. From here our upholsters can repair any damage on the wooden frame that may cause problems such as wobbling or even hinder the reupholstery phase. Much of the furniture we reupholster has been around for many years and therefore needs great care and attention.

At Buxted Upholstery we work with the best fabric designers, offering exclusive fabrics from their pattern books. This helps us produce the best possible piece of furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. It’s important to note that each and every single piece of furniture is different. Some may need a serious repair process in order to be suitable for reupholster or none at all. Take a look at some of our client work to get a better understanding of the finished product we provide.

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