Traditional Upholsterers For Over 40 Years.

We provide a service that is timeless, high quality and extremely sort after.

Buxted Upholstery is a traditional upholstery shop located in the heart of Buxted, East Sussex. The village of Buxted was once a major contributor to the iron industry and was the heartbeat of English cannon making. It was right here where the first cast iron cannon was made!

We pride ourselves on high quality craftsmanship and skill. Our techniques and skillset stem from Victorian and Edwardian times where furniture was vastly superior and built to last. Something that has been lost in modern furniture. We work from frame to fabric, using exclusive fabrics and solid woods. Our customers come from far and wide seeking our work, knowing they will achieve value for money and an exemplary finish. 

Armchair upholstered in blue and gold fabric